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Diana Robstad receives CCI Distinguished Service Award

Distinguished Service Award

Left to Right: Jamie Herle, Diana Robstad

Diana Robstad received the Distinguished Service Award at the National Leader’s Forum in November 2022.  Since Diana was unable to attend the award ceremony, she was presented with her award by past president of CCI National, Jamie Herle in February. Diana was recognized for her accomplishments at the North Saskatchewan Annual General meeting in February 2023.

Diana Robstad together was instrumental in transitioning from our Directors Club meetings to the new Condo Strength in North Saskatchewan Chapter. For several years prior to the Condo Strength development our Chapter had operated a successful Directors Club – which National used as a template for the Condo Strength meetings.  Diana organized the events, sought input from directors regarding topics, coordinated locations for the events, found guest speakers and analyzed feedback after each event to plan future gatherings. Diana was well known for her Condo Strength ideas and was an active participant with the National Committee for 2 years to assist and help grow this initiative. 

As a very active volunteer participant on the Chapter Education committee, she took the lead in the development of the current Condo 100 and Condo 200 courses.  Our twice annual offerings of each of these courses for directors and condo owners have been successful – even through Covid by holding the courses via zoom over several evenings. After the development of the course material (for which she was a contributor of materials) she continued to review the material after each session and made appropriate changes so that the information was current and relevant.   

She has also done further work for the Chapter by assisting in responding to emails from members to our web email address.  She has considerable knowledge of the Saskatchewan Condo Act and Regulations and provides direction to condo owners and directors alike in finding the appropriate section of the Act or Regulations for the answers to their questions. 

She has also participated with the education committee at the national level, providing her input regarding educational events.

Diana strongly believes that education is paramount for condo owners and board directors. She recognizes that many of the Directors come into these positions with little knowledge of what it means to be a director, where they should focus their efforts and where to find information. She has worked tirelessly for her condo board as a member and mentor, with the CCI North Saskatchewan chapter as a board member, chair of the Education committee and mentor as well with CCI National at the committee level. 

Submitted by Sharon Siuksteris, Donna Singbeil

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