2024-02-20 Condo Security and Crime Prevention Webinar Resources









CFMH works in partnership with building owners, property managers, tenants, community partners, and other Saskatoon Police units to reduce the likelihood of crime in multi-family buildings. CFMH reduces crime incidents by approximately 25% in the buildings certified in the program. Contact Crime Free Multi-Housing – Tel: 306-975-8385 or CFMH@police.saskatoon.sk.ca

In the Webinar held via Zoom on Feb 20, 2024, Moderator Sharon Siuksteris and Guest Speaker Karen Farmer presented topics relevant to stakeholders in the Condominium Industry regarding Condo Security and Crime Prevention.

View / Download resources below:

Condo Security and Crime Prevention slide presentation (PDF)

Condo Security and Crime Prevention Video (Vimeo Platform)

Click here to go to the Saskatoon Crime Free Multi Housing Website

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